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Submission deadline:  Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 11:59 pm EDT

The IAFC's Program Planning Committee and Council is accepting proposals for FRI 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. We encourage you to be a part of the dynamic education and learning program.

FRI 2017 is designed for all members of fire and emergency services; therefore, we encourage program submissions that are geared toward all levels of service including:

  • Chief Officers
  • Company Officers
  • Fire Marshals and Code Enforcement Officials
  • Elected and Appointed Officials
  • Fire District Commissioners/Fire Boards/Elected Fire Officials
  • Emergency Managers

Submission Types
Individuals may submit topics to be considered as either a standard 90-minute session or a 30-45 minute speed session.

Proposal Evaluation and Selection
The IAFC Program Planning Committee and Council will review all submissions and select sessions based on relevance, timeliness of the content, and the qualifications of the presenter. Programs presented elsewhere during 2016 will receive lower scoring than programs offered exclusively at Fire-Rescue International. Proposals that contain grammatical errors or are poorly written will also be scored lower.

Benefits of Presenting
The IAFC appreciates the value that each presenter’s expertise, background, and experience bring to FRI. The IAFC offers the following benefits to selected presenters*:

  • Complimentary Core Education Program or Officer Development Program registration (a $715 value).
*This complimentary registration is non-transferable and applies to presenters only.

Submission Instructions

  • Submissions will only be accepted online. Faxed, emailed, or mailed forms will NOT be considered.
  • DO NOT COPY AND PASTE TEXT INTO THE ONLINE FORM. You must type in all information.
  • Submission of a proposal does not guarantee participation in FRI 2017.
  • Please do not submit a proposal if you and your co-presenters are not available to present on any assigned day during FRI.
  • All presenters are individually responsible for his/her travel, transportation, lodging, and meal costs.
  • Individuals must complete the submission process in its entirety. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • If selected, all presenters will be required to sign a presenter agreement which may include, but is not limited to:
    • Agreement to serve and deliver presentation(s) at dates and times assigned;
    • Devotion of such time, skill, energy, and experience to develop and deliver a professional quality program;
    • Warrant full permission to use any or all works of third parties contained in the materials submitted for presentation;
    • Indemnify and hold harmless the IAFC against any or all claims, losses, or damages;
    • Grant the IAFC permission to record, edit, transcribe, archive, and distribute any written or visual material submitted in connection with this program. (Participants must grant permission to be considered for participation.);
    • Grant permission to be photographed or digitally captured;
    • Consent to receive no monetary compensation for the performance of duties or obligations; and
    • Acknowledge ownership, power, and authority to enter into said agreement.
  • If the submission is selected, the IAFC reserves the right to revise program titles and edit the program description for promotional materials associated with FRI.
  • If the submission is selected, information regarding important deadlines and requirements will be provided and must be adhered to.

There are five (5) steps to submit your session:

  1. Enter Your Contact Information
  2. Enter Proposal Details
    1. Select the proposed duration for the session.
    2. Select the format for delivery of the session:
      • Case Study
      • Interactive
      • Panel Discussion
      • Roundtable/Informal
      • Simulation
      • Other
    3. Enter the session’s description (70 words or less).
      • If selected, this description will be used in marketing materials and attendee guides. This description should "sell" your session in the most concise and creative way.
    4. Write a brief article about your proposal suitable for publication in a professional journal or publication. Include purpose, methodology, relevance, and attendee take-aways (200 words or less).
    5. Select the proposed track for the session*:
      Core Education Program (CEP)
      • Wicked Problems
      • Administration & Human Relations
      • All-Hazards Management
      • Community Risk Reduction & Code Enforcement.
      • Emergency Medical Services
      • Leadership
      • Operations
      • Safety, Health, & Wellness
      Officer Development Program (ODP)
      • Company Officer Leadership I (COLS I)
      • Company Officer Leadership II (COLS II)
      • Company Officer Leadership III (COLS III)
      • Chief Officer Leadership I (CHIEF I)
      • Chief Officer Leadership II (CHIEF II)
      • Executive Chief Officer Leadership I (ECO I)
      • Executive Chief Officer Leadership II (ECO II)
      *Please note: This may be altered by the IAFC.
    6. Enter at least three (3) learning objectives for the session.
    7. Select your affiliation/field of service:
      • Fire Rescue Department
      • EMS-Only Department
      • Emergency Management
      • Consultant
      • Private Sector (Non-Consultant)
      • Commercial/Industry
      • Elected/Appointed Official
      • IAFC Partner
    8. Indicate whether or not your proposal is specifically linked or related to a program or service provided by the IAFC.
    9. Summarize your motivation for presenting at FRI (120 words or less).
    10. Indicate what adult learning techniques and interactivity you will employ during your session.
    11. Indicate whether or not the material covered by your proposal was presented in 2016 and at what venue.
    12. Indicate whether or not the material covered by your proposal will be presented elsewhere in 2017 and at what venue.
    13. Acknowledge that you (or your department/organization) are responsible for all travel, lodging, meal, and related costs.
  3. Add Presenters*
    1. Click “Add me as a presenter.”
    2. Click “Edit” to update your biographical and contact information.
    3. Enter the names and contact information for any co-presenters.

    Please note: all presenters must have complete contact information.

  4. Add References
    1. Select references for each presenter.  Be sure to search for an existing name before entering a new one.

      Please note: this information is required and will be seen by reviewers.

      Complete contact information for presenters and references include:

      • First Name*
      • Last Name*
      • IAFC Member Number
      • Organization/Department/Company*
      • Title*
      • Address 1*
      • City*
      • State/Province*
      • ZIP/Postal Code*
      • Country*
      • Mobile Telephone*
      • Email Address*
      • Profile/Biographical Statement*

      *indicates a required field.

  5. Submit Proposal
    1. Ensure that the status of each step indicates “completed.”
    2. Review your proposal to ensure accuracy, and make any edits or revisions as required. 
    3. Click “Print Details” to print your proposal.
    4. Click “Submit Proposal” to submit your proposal for review.


Important! Your proposal will not be complete or ready for review until you click “Submit Proposal.”

Once you reach the confirmation step your submission is complete and ready for review by the IAFC’s Program Planning Committee and Council. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission. If you do not, please contact us immediately.

Fire-Rescue International is the premier leadership conference for fire and emergency services leaders, and we look forward to receiving your submission! Visit us online at

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